GSI Flo designs and builds hydraulic filtration systems to customers' needs. Our customers specify limiting dimensions, size of reservoir, flow and pressure needed, and any special requirements, like valves, surge needs, filtration, etc. GSI Flo uses these specification to determine the motor/pump combination and the layout of the equipment attached to the reservoir. We build the filtration system, test it, and deliver it within the time constraints specified.


Hydraulic Filtration System

This hydraulic filtration unit is mounted on a portable four wheel cart. A small single phase electric motor drives a fixed volume gear pump. It pulls hydraulic fluid from a source reservoir through a strainer, pre-filter and filter, and then sends it back to another reservoir. A bypass allows the operator to change the pre-filter element without shutting down the unit.


These two hydraulic filtration units are mounted on 600 gallon L-style reservoirs. They are used to supply fluids to filler lines located throughout a tractor manufacturing plant. Each reservoir uses a full internal baffle to separate it into two 300 gallon reservoirs. One hydraulic pump pulls fluid from an outside reservoir where it is, kidney loop filtered, inside the primary 300 gallon reservoir. On demand, fluid can then be shuttled to the secondary 300 gallon reservoir where it can be filtered again or sent out to the filler lines. High capacity motor driven ball valves open the fluid lines. Liquid level and pressure switches monitor vital statistics. Outside fluid can be heated in the primary reservoir when needed.