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Power Units

GSI Flo supplies custom Hydraulic Power Supplies for industrial applications. Voltages range from 110 VAC to 408 VAC, Single Phase to Three Phase.  Tank capacities are from 10 gallons to 200 gallons.  Pump capacities from 100 PSIG to 10000 PSIG.

Hydraulic Power Units

This hydraulic power unit is used in a food plant. It has a special coating for corrosion resistance since it sits in a washdown environment. A small air driven oil cooler is included.


This hydraulic power unit has integral control and motor starter panels. It is built onto its own oil drip pan. It is painted with epoxy paint for washdown corrosion resistance.


This hydraulic power supply is used for a high-low application. The electric motor drives two hydraulic pumps. One pump is used for high flow at low pressure. The other pump is used for low flow at high pressure. Tight oil temperature regulation is provided by a large air driven cooler and a reservoir mounted heater.


This hydraulic power unit uses a standard L-style reservoir with flooded pump suction line for quieter operation. It also has a large accumulator to provide high flow on short demand

This is a 150 gallon hydraulic power unit with multiple independent pump motor combinations on one reservoir. The unit is built onto its own fork tubes for easy transport.


This is a 100 gallon hydraulic pump unit with integral control and motor starter panels. The control panel houses an amplifier card for proportional speed control of a hydraulic cylinder. The unit has a high capacity pressure line oil filter.

These compact hydraulic power units are typical of small OEM applications. Vertical mounting of the pump motor combination submerges the pump for quieter operation and simplified plumbing.


This is a complex hydraulic power unit used to run multiple cylinders. Multiple pressure requirements necessitate separate manifolds and pressure regulators. The unit has an in-tank return line oil filter, air driven oil cooler, and oil drip pan.

This is an 80 gallon OEM hydraulic power unit built low to fit into a machine base. The unit is built onto its own fork tubes for easy transport. Each cylinder connected to the unit has its own flow control and/or pressure adjustment.


This hydraulic power unit has an accumulator for shock absorption and water driven oil cooler. A modulating valve automatically controls oil temperatures by opening the cooler in response to feedback from a reservoir mounted thermocouple.